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NSN: 5805-01-217-7310


Two wire, battery operated Field Telephone Set, used as a point-to-point voice frequency (VF) wire communications link or in any two wire ringdown subscriber position of a telephone communications system. Three Modes of Operation: Local Battery (LB) and Common Battery (CB) Manual Telephone or as LB Telephone with CB signaling (CBS). Optional Tone Signaling Adapter (TA-955/PT) available, to enable interfacing the TA-312A/PT with automatic switchboards, such as the SB-3614 Tactical Switching Center. The Tone Signaling Adapter readily attaches to the TA-312A/PT, with no modifications required to the telephone.

  • Manufactured to Requirements of U.S. Military Specifications, including MIL-STD-454.
  • Utilized for All Weather Field Communications or as Desk/Wall Mounted Telephone in Fixed or Mobile Military Shelters
  • Service Lines Protected from Moisture and Dust
  • Special Circuits Reduce or Clip High Voltage Line Surges
  • Sidetone Balance Maintained over Wide Range of Voice Frequencies and Battery Voltages
  • Optional Off-Hook Security Lamp
  • Telephone Set Available with Optional Canvas Carrying Case and Shoulder Strap
  • Signal Buzzer Volume Control

Voice Frequency Range

300 to 3200 Hz

Hand Generator Ringdown Signal

20 Hz; 90 to 100 Volts

Input/Output Impedance

600 Ohms

Power Requirements

(LB) Two 1.5 Volt Batteries (CB) 48V DC Source

Operating Temperatures

-40°C to +50°C

Transmission Ranges

Field Wire, WD-1/TT – 35 Km (22 miles)
Lead Covered Cable (19 Gauge), - 48 Km (30 miles)
Open Wire Line (W-2 #14 AWG copper), 370 Km (230 miles)
Open Wire Line (W-74 #12 AWG copper) 837 Km (520 miles)


4.2 Kg (9 lbs.) with Optional Carrying Case and Local Batteries Installed

Dimensions (Approx.)

Height: 27cm (10.5”), Depth: 9.5cm (3.8”), Width: 10cm (4.0”)

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