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Intercommunication Control Station Audio Frequency Amplifier

The AM-1780C/VRC is an enhanced version of the AM-1780 series Control Stations, forming a crucial component of the AN/VIC-1 Intercommunication Set. This set is widely employed across various U.S. Military armored vehicles for effective internal communication. The AM-1780C improves upon its predecessors with solid-state switching, reduced noise and power consumption, and capabilities for both interior communication amplification and external field wire connectivity.

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Physical features:

  • Microphone: 150 Ohms

  • Headset & Loudspeaker: 150 Ohms

  • Line Binding Posts: 600 Ohms

  • Audio Input Binding Posts: 5,000 Ohms

  • Radio Transmitter Microphone Input: 150 Ohms

  • Audio Amp Output: 1 Watt/100 Ohms

  • Power Requirements: 22-30 Volts DC from vehicle battery system

  • Radio Functions: Control for radio communications selected by crew control boxes

  • Intercom Function: Enables communications between crew control boxes

  • Temperature Operating Ranges: -40°C to 66°C

Manufacturing Specifications:

  • Manufactured according to U.S. Military specifications, including MIL STD 454, MIL STD 461 (EMI), and MIL STD 901 (Ballistic Shock).

Radio Set Compatibility:

  • Compatible with AN/VRC-12 series radios, AN/VRC-53, AN/VRC-64, AN/GRC-125, AN/GRC-160, and AN/VSC-3 Radio Teletypewriter Set.

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Please e-mail us for pricing:

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