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Interface Unit Automatic Data Processing

The CA-67A/U facilitates robust communication between personal computers or battlefield functional area processors through various communication systems like the Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Circuit Switch, MSE Packet Switch, or TRI-TAC Digital systems. It is versatile, performing all the functions of a Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal (DNVT), or it can be used in conjunction with an external DNVT or DSVT connected to the MSE Switch. This unit supports a wide range of data rates, provides forward error correction for high noise environments, and is capable of operating as a fax modem or tactical packet adapter, offering full TCP/IP functionality and multi-tasking in a Windows environment.

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Physical features:

  • Power Sources: AC (105 Vac to 125 Vac, 50 Hz or 60 Hz line), Local (20 Vdc to 56 Vdc), or Common Battery (20 Vdc to 56 Vdc)

  • Power Requirement: 1 Watt

  • Dimensions: Width: 10 inches, Length: 8-3/8 inches, Height: 4-3/4 inches

  • Weight: 7-1/2 lbs

  • Environmental Standard: MIL-STD-810 ruggedized

  • Accessories: H-350/U Handset, 25 Pin Female to 9 Pin Male Adapter, Netcom (X.25) Software Diskette

Communication Capabilities:

  • With MSE Circuit Switch or TRI-TAC Switch:

    • Hayes Modem Command support

    • Asynchronous mode: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud

    • Synchronous mode: 16000, 32000 bps

    • Loop interface: 16000, 32000 bps

    • Auto-dial and auto-answer

    • Forward Error Correction (FEC)

  • With Tactical Packet Network:

    • TCP/IP functionality

    • Automatic IP address retrieval

    • Tactical name server registration

    • Software applications for Ping, FTP, SMTP, TELNET, SNMP

    • Dial-up mode for circuit to packet switch operations

Please e-mail us for pricing:

Please e-mail us for pricing:

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