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Sound Powered Field Telephone Set TA-1/PT

The TA-1/PT Telephone Set is a robust, lightweight, sound-powered telephone designed for use in tactical field environments. Ideal for forward areas, this telephone operates without a power source and is capable of point-to-point communication with other two-wire field telephones or can be connected to manual switchboards. It's built to endure the rigors of field use, meeting stringent U.S. Military specifications.

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Physical features:

  • Voice Transmission Range: Up to 6.4 km (4 miles) using WD-1/TT field wire

  • Frequency Range: 300 to 4000 Hz

  • Signal Voltage: 20 Hz; 65 to 80 volts (AC)

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +48°C

  • Weight: 0.8 kg (1.75 lbs) including carrying case

  • Built-in Features:

    • Signal generator for transmission signaling

    • Audible buzzer and volume control for receiving signals

    • Visual indicator for silent signaling

    • Integral belt clip for attachment to a field belt

  • Optional Accessories: All-weather carrying case and shoulder strap

Please e-mail us for pricing:

Please e-mail us for pricing:

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