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Battery Operated Field Telephone Set TA-312A/PT

The TA-312A/PT is a two-wire, battery-operated field telephone designed for robust voice frequency wire communications in field environments. It can function as a point-to-point communication link or integrate into a telephone system as a ringdown subscriber. The telephone set supports local battery (LB) and common battery (CB) manual operations or LB with CB signaling (CBS). Its compatibility with automatic switchboards is facilitated through an optional Tone Signaling Adapter (TA-955/PT), which attaches seamlessly without any modifications needed.

National Stock Number (NSN):

TA-312A/PT: 5805-01-217-7310 TA-312/PT : 5805-00-543-0012

Physical features:

  • Voice Frequency Range: 300 to 3200 Hz

  • Hand Generator Ringdown Signal: 20 Hz; 90 to 100 Volts

  • Input/Output Impedance: 600 Ohms

  • Power Requirements: LB: Two 1.5 Volt batteries; CB: 48V DC source

  • Operating Temperatures: -40°C to +50°C

  • Transmission Ranges:

    • Field Wire, WD-1/TT: 35 km (22 miles)

    • Lead Covered Cable (19 Gauge): 48 km (30 miles)

    • Open Wire Line (W-2 #14 AWG copper): 370 km (230 miles)

    • Open Wire Line (W-74 #12 AWG copper): 837 km (520 miles)

  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9 lbs.) with optional carrying case and batteries installed

  • Dimensions: Height: 27 cm (10.5"), Depth: 9.5 cm (3.8"), Width: 10 cm (4.0")

  • Special Features:

    • Meets MIL-STD-454 specifications

    • All-weather operational capability; suitable for both field communications and fixed/mobile military shelters

    • Lines are protected from moisture and dust

    • Circuits designed to reduce or clip high voltage line surges

    • Maintains sidetone balance across a wide range of voice frequencies and battery voltages

    • Optional off-hook security lamp

    • Available with an optional canvas carrying case and shoulder strap

    • Volume control for signal buzzer

Please e-mail us for pricing:

Please e-mail us for pricing:

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